Vu Family – Day 8


Today was a good day. Carly seemed happier and continued to show progress. She walked down the hall and back again, and did excellent in physical, speech and occupational therapy! She brushed her teeth all by herself and even unscrewed the cap from the tube of toothpaste this morning. She did much better communicating her needs to us. Carly has officially mastered thumbs up or thumbs down for yes and no questions.

This afternoon Carly had an MRI of her neck and head done, to get another look at her brain injury and make sure that there wasn’t any muscle or tendon damage in her neck since she still wants to lean to the left. We received the results of both MRI’s, and her neck MRI was perfectly fine. Any listing to the left is neurological. The results of the brain MRI are the same as the results of the angiogram they did when she was admitted. Damage to certain parts of the brain from the stroke. But, the doctors are still amazed by how she is progressing! There is talk of moving up to the rehab unit this week.

The Mimstribe has been so blessed by everyone’s prayers and support. Especially the Vu family! Tripp’s girlfriend, Thy, is from Salt Lake City, and her parents, Khanh and Viet offered to let us all stay with them on Friday night last week. They were amazing hosts! We were able to stay with them Friday through Sunday night, and they took amazing care of us! Viet made amazing home-made Vietnamese food for us, brought us bagels from Einstein’s (Cedar City doesn’t have a bagel shop!) and even brought Chick-Fil-A to the kids at the hospital on Monday (another favorite not available in Cedar City)! We can’t even begin to express our gratitude for their generosity. Thanks, Vu family!

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