The Amazing Carly Mims – Day 6

Yesterday was an amazing day. Later on in the day, after she had walked and rested, they had her swing her legs around and sit up in bed for a little while. By the end of the day, several of the staff were chocked up by her performance! Keith is officially one of our favorite nurses.

All of the staff have been amazing, and we can’t say enough good things about them, but he has taken particularly special care of Carly! He is the nurse that said yesterday that patients like Carly are the reason that they do what they do.

Keith caring for Carly

Carly had a good night last night but is extremely tired today. This morning Heather, Carly’s physical therapist, came in and had her sitting up in a chair, and they went for a walk again. This time they used less support. Instead of having one person on each side to support her, Heather held her around her waist from behind. It is amazing to see how God has put exactly the right people in Carly’s life right now. Heather is also a dancer and recognized that Carly was by the way she was raising and extending her arms yesterday. As a result, Heather now realizes that Carly has more muscle memory and balance than your average person, and she has been pushing her harder. Afterwards, Carly spent some more time in the chair, and we were able to wash her hair and braid it for her!

Carly is having a good day as far as progress but is not as happy. Yesterday she was tired, but she was all smiles most of the day. She still cannot communicate with us verbally, and we can only imagine how frustrating that must be.

Praise God for Carly’s miracle of life and progress! Please pray for comfort, peace, and joy for Carly, as well as continued healing. Janie, Carl, Noah, and Abi are going to be staying in Salt Lake City for some time, so please pray for short-term and long-term living situations, wisdom, peace, and patience. All of the big decisions need to be made early this coming week. School for Noah and Abi starts next week, and college for Trip starts the following week. Katie is leaving to return to Los Angeles sometime late this coming week.

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