Rehab – Day 38

Carly had her first outpatient rehab session on Tuesday. It was a one-hour occupational therapy assessment and a one-hour physical therapy session. As we walked into the rehab facility, the speech therapist greeted us! She set up an appointment for Friday, which is a huge answer to prayer. Carly is officially off the waiting list and will start speech therapy tomorrow, only one week after leaving the hospital and months before we had been told she could enter the program.

To give you an idea of where Carly is and how far she has to go, one of the simple tests during therapy involved placing nine pegs in nine well-spaced holes. Most people can do this in 10-15 seconds. Using her right hand, Carly did it in 45 seconds. Using her left hand required over 3 minutes. We were surprised to find out that the actual test for hand strength and finger pinch showed almost the same strength on both the left and right side. In physical therapy, Carly did very well with balance and catching herself. It’s the initial balance that’s the issue.

On Wednesday Carly started Therapeutic Horseback Riding at the National Ability Center. If you are not familiar, horseback riding is a highly c tool for brain injury patients. It has tremendous benefit in balance and helping to build neuro pathway speed. Abi also went and it put smiles on everyone’s faces. It looks like it will be a great therapy/activity. Look for photos next week!

Carl has returned to Cedar City to finish packing and help with the final garage sales. Katie will be on hiatus from iCarly at the end of the week for at least the next month. She will be coming back to Cedar City to help with moving out of the house there and will be in Salt Lake City for Carly’s birthday on October 1st.

We thank God for the continued answers to prayer in getting Carly into rehab so quickly! Please continue to pray for Carly’s progress.

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