Carly On the Launching Pad – Day 21

Carly’s progress has been like that of a rocket taking off! Today was yet another major milestone. She had her feeding tube removed! She struggled all weekend with it bothering her more each day, and fortunately they decided to remove it before she met her calorie goal, on a trail basis. Afterwards she ate 90% of her lunch, and just had a Jamba Juice, which she drank so fast she got a brain freeze! Carly continues to do well in therapy, and today she turned humming into the word Mom in speech therapy!

Tripp and Thy’s garage sale in Cedar City was a huge success. It was a weekend of hard work, but thankfully it brought us closer to boxing things up, which will happen in the next two weeks. The outpouring of friends and family has been tremendous and warming! We are truly blessed in every way possible.

Pray for Carly’s continued progress, and for continued guidance as the Mimstribe makes decisions. Please also pray that Noah and Abi would make wonderful friends in Salt Lake City.

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