Graduated – Day 7

A quick late-night update. Not long after we posted the last update, we got the news that they were hoping to move Carly out of the Shock/Trauma ICU sometime tonight, and onto another floor in a normal room. Around 6:00 PM, Carly’s nurse came in and we moved! She’s in a room with more space for us to spend time with her and a private bathroom. She’s no longer constantly hooked up to monitors keeping track of her vital signs. They come in every few hours to check them, and that’s it! She is only hooked up to one IV and the feeding tube now.

The move to another floor means that Carly is out of the woods on a totally negative outcome (aka, not waking up, no motor functions, no ability to swallow, can’t communicate with gestures, etc.). There are still major neurological issues that will take intensive rehab, therapy and time to deal with. Carly still hasn’t audibly talked. She has mouthed a few words, and some of us have thought we heard a whisper.

While today was a wonderful day as far as progress, it was a very hard one for Carly emotionally. She seemed very sad, and as a result, made less of an effort to communicate with us. She has a lot to process and work through, so please continue to pray for comfort, joy, motivation, and peace.

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