The Journey is Moving Forward – Day 10

One of the things that Carly’s accident has done is bring together our family and many others. The Mimstribe is made up of seven, plus Dominic, Carly’s boyfriend, and Thy, Tripp’s girlfriend.  We have all grown closer together as we have rallied around her. It’s hard, but each of us needs to move forward, just as Carly is moving forward in rehab.

Tripp and Thy left earlier in the week to return to Cedar City to register for college and get back to work. They will come back to Salt Lake City on the weekends. Katie is leaving tonight to return to Los Angeles to work. She has four intense weeks until the end if iCarly shooting and then has a hiatus for 4-6 weeks. We greatly look forward to the “General’s” return! She has truly been the one catching the small details and making everyone march. Dominic is catching a red-eye flight back to Florida tonight to get school started and get back to work. Noah and Abi were registered for school in Salt Lake City today, and are starting on Monday.  While the Mimstribe is starting to go in different directions, we are still one.

More than ever we also feel the outside love of extended family, those who are not related but are woven into our lives in such a meaningful way. There are many others who are friends and friends of friends, and the web goes on and grows much larger. No doubt the force of the entire list that’s praying for Carly have been heard in a mighty way!

Carly had a very busy day yesterday, since it was her first day of rehab. She was wiped out by 4:00PM and slept until 8:00PM. She had a very restless night, and was constantly moving in her sleep, and finally slept deeply and stopped wiggling around 4:00AM. This is all part of the brain injury. Her big progress yesterday was swallowing. She ate a few spoonfuls of pudding,  and chose an Oreo to try after that. She was also allowed a few sips of water. They are still leaving the feeding tube in for now, while we wait on results from a swallow test that they did today. They need to make sure that she’s not aspirating, and what she’s swallowing isn’t going into her lungs. Once she can swallow properly, her feeding tube will be removed within a week.

Please pray for safe travels for Katie and Dominic as they return to Los Angeles and Gainesville, and for Thy and Tripp as they drive up to Salt Lake City on Friday. Also pray for Noah and Abi to have a smooth transition to their new school, and for Carly’s progress to continue. Pray for strength, wisdom and calmness for Carl and Janie as they deal with the various doctors working on Carly’s case.

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