God’s Amazing Creation – Day 29

Carly continues to have more good days in Rehab. Her down moments are few and short-lived, but very significant. Carly has always been a determined person, and that determination has been strong and really helped in the hard work that she continues to do. Carly’s recovery has amazed everyone! From the beginning negative prognosis to today, her progress has been like a rocket on a launch pad taking off. She blasted off and shot up, defying what medical science was indicating. No doubt only God can make such a miracle happen, and everyone that sees Carly agrees!

The end of in-hospital rehab is near, and each therapy discipline is performing evaluations on Carly with us so that we can better understand where she is and plan for where we are going from here. It has all become a little overwhelming. Similar to when a rocket takes off, there is much excitement and emotion while it speeds off into space, but you still know that there are light years to travel. Carly has done amazing things, but when you sit down with evaluations you realize how far she still has to go. The brain is part of God’s amazing creation, and when you look at it there is no doubt we were created and could never have evolved as some might believe. Add to that the unique personality each of us has, and it is really very amazing! When you sit through an evaluation, you begin to realize all of the things that we do automatically, that we take for granted every day. You realize how Carly is mentally having to re-wire each of those things, and you see how much effort it really takes. The next few days will be a big challenge and adjustment for Carly and for the Mimstribe, as we all get into full gear.

Pray for Carly’s continued progress, that she gets into out-patient rehab programs quickly, that things would fall into place and for her adjustment to her new home situation to be smooth. Please also pray for the rest of the Mimstribe, as Carly’s homecoming will be a big adjustment for everyone.

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