A Lesson in Customer Service – Day 13

Carly continues to improve in very small ways each day. The pace for the rehab unit is much slower on the weekends, with only half of the normal schedule. Yet even with the decrease in therapy sessions, we still see improvements. Carly tied her own shoes today! A perfect example of the small things that are such huge leaps for her.

Unfortunately, Carly is still not sleeping well at night. She was awake most of last night from midnight to 7:00 AM doing her leg dancing. She did manage to get some good sleep from 8:00 PM to 12:00 AM. The doctors will most likely try a new medication with her tonight because she was so exhausted all day from not having slept.

It is common for companies to post their mission, core beliefs and customer service statements in prominent locations. It is not very often that those lofty words and statements match the actions of the company and the employees that represent the company. Intermountain Health Care has a very simple core value statement. It is simply:

-Mutual Respect. “We treat others the way we want to be treated.”

-Accountability. “We accept responsibility for our actions, attitudes, and mistakes.”

-Trust. “We can count on each other.”

-Excellence. “We do our best at all times and look for ways to do it even better.”

In reality, these are not lofty words at Intermountain Health Care! Every interaction with every staff member we have come in contact with totally reflects those four values, with the addition of passion, love, and care shown in every way. Many have pointed to the great customer service found at Disney Theme Parks, which is very good. Yet, Disney does not hold a candle to Intermountain Health Center, and more importantly, one can often get a Disney staff person to say negative things about the company that they work for. Every single IHC employee truly loves IHC and their co-workers. We have never received even the slightest negative comment. This excellence in service has been on all levels! The neurosurgeon, trauma team, ICU nurses, staff, Doctors and rehab therapists, all the way down to housekeeping.

When you think about it, providing this extra care and concern for the people being treated at IHC costs little if anything, yet it is a value that increases everything. We could all make life a little better for those around us by following those four steps and demonstrating the compassion that the IHC employees have shown us.

Please pray for Carly to get the much needed rest and sleep that she needs at night, and for Noah and Abi’s first day of school tomorrow.

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