Katie Surgery / Catching Up – Day 104

Katie is doing better.  She has moved from IV based pain medication to oral meds, which is one of the major steps in getting released from the hospital.  Katie has walked with the aid of a walker to the nurse’s station and back.  She is still in a lot of pain but is making good progress.  Prayerfully she will be able to leave the hospital on Monday.  Then she and Janie will fly to Salt Lake on Tuesday for her to recuperate and enjoy the big Thanksgiving celebration.  As you can see from the x-ray at the right she had a good bit of work done.  It is easy to see why it hurts.  She will be on a walker and then crutches for the next six weeks at a minimum.

We woke up to 12” of snow this morning.  Yesterday we had high winds over 50 mph and just north of us they closed I-80 due to winds over 80 mph.  No doubt winter is fully here.  Snow is predicted the next three days with highs around 35 degrees, then a high of 27 degrees for Thanksgiving Day.  So the snow is going to be around for a while. The prediction is for 12-14” of additional snow by Wednesday.

We have big plans for Thanksgiving.  Nick Lyon arrived Saturday and drove down to Cedar City for some hang time with Tripp and Thy for a few days.  Kelly, Jan, and Jordan Lyon arrive on Wednesday afternoon from Florida.  Chloe Lyon comes in from Portland on Wednesday evening.  I am not sure if the Blalock’s had any idea what they were in for when they said: “sure we can have Thanksgiving dinner here”.  They have truly been such a blessing providing a place for us to live and helping in so many ways.  The Thanksgiving dinner guess list will total over 22 family and friends, which will include the Blalocks and new friends that just moved to town, Mims, Lyons, Vues (Thy’s family) and the Mottolas.

The Mims and Lyons have shared Thanksgiving for the past 20 years.  The tradition of dressing like Pilgrims and Indians will be continued.  Leah and Abi worked on making costumes this past week.  Hadley (Carly’s speech therapist) had come over to do some practical therapy.  She and Carly went grocery shopping for the ingredients to make Pecan Pie.  They returned to bake two pies to test before Thanksgiving and my waistline can tell you that the award-winning Carly Mims Pecan Pie passed the test. (photo at top of the page)  It was a wonderful evening with all the girls baking and making costumes.  Hadley continues to bless us, putting in extra time on Carly’s behalf.  She is so enjoyable to work with.  You can also tell that Carly is responding by opening up a bit more.

The updates have been irregular lately and thus many photos have been left out.  The beginning of November brought Elizabeth McTague and Angela Young (Nelson girls) to visit from Tampa.  Elizabeth also brought Maren, her one-year-old baby who had just started walking for the visit.  Carly really had a great week with them here visiting, shopping, eating out and just general girl fun.  Katie also came and stayed a few days longer before returning for her first surgery.  During their visit, we drove up to Park City, fed the horses, shopped in town and enjoyed the sights.   They all had a wonderful time. It was great seeing them and the first time Janie and I had seen Maren.


Before Katie left all of my daughters baked me a birthday cake.  German Chocolate is my favorite cake and this year’s was especially good since all three of my daughters Katie, Carly and Abi worked to bake it with Mom’s help.  Looking at the photos you not only see a delicious cake but one happy dad.


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