Mimi – Day 49

Carly continues to progress slowly. She’s doing amazing in speech therapy at the University of Utah, and while she still isn’t speaking, she has been mouthing to songs and we have heard a few whispers! On Friday, Carly joined Abi, Noah, and Carl on a trip to Cedar City to finish moving the house and contents to storage. Katie drove out on Thursday, a day before everyone else, to help finish packing. On Saturday after moving everything to storage, Carl, Noah, Abi, and Carly all returned to Salt Lake City and Katie returned to Los Angeles with the cats. She will be keeping them there until the Mimstribe has their own place to live. It was great having all of the kids together in one place for a few nights! Carly really enjoyed the time with all of her brothers and sisters.

Janie was in Memphis last week with her Mom, Jane, as you might remember. She had suffered a fall and broken a hip and fractured a wrist. Jane passed away Friday afternoon. Jane and Lewis were married 64 years and such a great example to us. The funeral was yesterday (Monday). With all of the logistics involved, Papa (Lewis, Janie’s Dad) suggested that the family will do a private memorial at a later time when everyone is better able to travel, rather than flying out for the service yesterday. Jan Lyon flew into Memphis on Sunday from Florida to be with Janie for the services and to help with logistics and things that needed to be taken care of. Janie and Papa are both doing well, and while you can never prepare for the loss of a loved one, in many ways it was a blessing that Mimi is now with the Lord and is no longer in pain.

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