A Day of Rest – Day 20

Sundays are very slow and restful days in the rehab unit. The staff is reduced and very limited therapy sessions take place. Carly has been up and done the basics of physical therapy, but is really enjoying just resting today. Her feeding tube seems to be bothering her more, and they did x-rays to make sure it was in the proper place. We were hoping they would just remove it early, but she still cannot swallow her pill medications orally. She is also short on her calorie and fluid goals.

Even with a short staff, the hospital was able to have someone stay with Carly, to allow Carl to go to church this morning. He visited South Mountain Community Church, which is where the Motolla’s and our new roomies, the Blalock’s, attend. It was a great morning! It is easy to walk into a church and critique the pastor, worship team, children’s ministry, youth ministry and facility in comparison to others. But those things are not the Church, it is the people. People all coming together to worship, to learn and to serve. In the short time Carl walked from the front door to a seat in the sanctuary, he was approached and engaged in conversation with three different people, and none of them were part of some special greeting team. That was in addition to the normal greeters and people holding open doors. This is a body that truly loves people, and of course, we already knew that from knowing the Motolla’s and Blalock’s. If more pastors and those attending churches would focus on the people around rather than doctrine, programs, and facilities, it would be wonderful!

Pray for Carly to eat better, that the feeding tube would bother her less and that she would be able to swallow her medications. Please also pray for energy for rehab next week, and that she would be happy and be able to find joy in such a difficult and life-changing time. Please also pray for the many decisions facing the Mimstribe.

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